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Establishing the impact of VemoHerb T on the morphological characteristics of the laying hens’ eggs

B.Kashumov, S.Grigorova – Institute of Animal Sciences Kostinbrod, Bulgaria

VemoHerb T is dry extract of appropriately selected and combined unique Bulgarian remedial plants, produced by Vemo 99 Ltd Sofia, Bulgaria. The product contains the following biologically active substances: saponins, sterols, flavonoids, tannins, polyphenols and others.


The effect of the addition of VemoZyme P to the compound feeds for broiler chickens

Dr. Diyan Stoyanov, Institute of Animal Science, Kostinbrod, Bulgaria


Testing the effect of the application of VemoZyme F NTP /super dose of phytase/ to the compound feeds for broiler chickens

V. Georgieva, G. Ganchev, A. Atanasov, D. Yovchev, S. Surdzhiyska*
Thracian University – Agrarian Faculty St. Zagora, Bulgaria
* Institute of Animal Sciences Kostinbrod, Bulgaria


Effect of application of VemoHerb T in broiler parents flocks

Dr. Dian Stoyanov, Institute of Animal Science, Kostinbrod, Bulgaria


Poultry news

Geohellas Presents Attapulgite Innovations at Eurotier

GLOBAL - Attapulgite is a rare magnesium aluminosilicate mineral with a very high porous surface and water absorption capacity, used for its anti-diarrhoeal actions in humans and animals.


Pig News

EU Pig Prices: Steady Quotations – Prices are Moving Sideward

EU - This current week of slaughter, the European pig slaughter market goes on stabilising. A great majority of quotations continue to move sideward, even though many market participants’ focus was on Germany and the steadiness of its leading quotation.


Herbal extracts show extraordinary results over the health of bee hives

An independent study recently has concluded that unique combination of dry extracts produced by Company VEMO 99 Ltd have extraordinary results over productivity and general health of the bee hives.

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