Feed Additives - Vemo 99

Testing the effect of the application of VemoZyme F NTP /super dose of phytase/ to the compound feeds for broiler chickens

The application of phytase dates back to 1990. New aspect that has attracted the attention of scientists is the unconventional high doses of phytase, the effects of which can be significant. The concept of super doses of phytase was launched in 2012. These are doses higher than 1500 phytase Units/kg feed, or 3-4 times higher than previously recommended. The authors explain this fact with the presence of extra phosphorus, an effect probably due to the better digestibility of amino acids. They consider that some of these effects may be due to mechanisms including myo-inositol (energy source), as well as the complete degradation of phytate to inositol.

Review of the literature shows positive effect from the addition of super doses of phytase to compound feeds of chickens, with balanced or reduced indicators of the essential nutrients in the diet including calcium and absorbable phosphorus.

In a series of experiments is established the effect of the application of VemoZyme F NTP, produced by the company VEMO 99, Sofia, Bulgaria, providing super dose of phytase to the compound feeds for broiler chickens based on corn-wheat-soybean sunflower blend.

► The addition of super dose of phytase to the compound feeds of broiler chickens, within the conditions of the three conducted experiments, helps to reach higher body weight in birds from 2.4% to 5.9%;

► With the addition of VemoZyme F NTP is reached better feed conversion ratio by 1.5% to 4.2%, compared to the addition of a standart dose of phytase;

► Considering the prices of the feed, the tested product and poultry breeding production at the time of the experiments, the application of VemoZyme F NTP as a feed additive is not only efficient, but also cost-effective, as the material costs of the product return and secure a profit from its use.

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