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VEMO 99 Ltd is a Bulgarian manufacturer of high quality enzyme and herbal feed additives, food enzymes, dietary supplements and standardized herbal extracts from rare Bulgarian remedial plants. The company was founded in 1999 in Sofia, Bulgaria, as a family owned enterprise, and has a long-year experience in the research and development of a series of innovative products, empowered by Bulgaria's plentiful natural variety and rich resources of herbal materials.

At the core of the company's business are the feed additive series: 

 for enzyme based products  for herbal based products

Enzyme and herbal feed additives have been a key part of VEMO 99 Ltd's production and business activities, as well as a driving force behind its development since the company was set up. The products from these series have been successfully distributed on leading global markets due to their high quality and the fruitful relations of the company with its international partners.

The production process is meticulously organized in two production facilities, one for raw materials production, located in the city of Knezha, Bulgaria, and another for standardization, homogenization and packing of final products, located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

VEMO 99 Ltd's team has also been able to create and establish products and brands aimed to improve the lifestyle and health of people, thanks to their numerous efforts and investments in research and production.

VEMO 99 Ltd relies on perfectly trained staff and seasoned consultants, which together with the closed production cycle, guarantee the research, development, production and control of every stage. VEMO 99 Ltd is also an EN ISO 9001-2015, HACCP, FSSC 22000, GMP+, GMP, KOSHER and HALAL certified company.

The company emerged in very turbulent times for the Bulgarian economy in the years of transition period from the communist system to capitalism. The first idea of the company was development and production of standardized herbal extracts from rare Bulgarian remedial plants. Consequently, based on the proprietary company-produced raw materials, new business units were born – development and production of plant and enzyme feed additives, and biologically active nutritional supplements. The closed production cycle guarantees full technological and analytical control of the offered products.

VemoZyme® and VemoHerb® series have been gradually widened and improved, and nowadays we can proudly say that these trademarks are widely recognized and highly demanded in numerous countries worldwide.

All of that gives us the confidence that we can meet the market requirements for high quality products, which will bring a considerable economical effect and improve substantially the quality of meat production.


Our feed additives are divided in the following product series:

VemoZyme® 50/100 - multienzyme premix for feed with broad scope of action, containing Xylanase, β-glucanase, Cellulase, α-amylase, Protease, Lipase, and β-Mannanase;
VemoZyme® 50F/100F - multienzyme premix combining the NSP enzymes (Xylanase, β-glucanase, Cellulase, α-amylase, Protease, Lipase, β-Mannanase) and phytase;
VemoZyme® F - thermostable phytase;
VemoZyme® F NTP - naturally thermostable phytase;
VemoZyme® M - based on mannanase enzyme;
VemoZyme® P - stable broad-spectrum protease;
VemoHerb® Zyme - active complex of specifically selected herbal extracts and enzymes;
VemoHerb® BP - Innovative growth stimulant, an alternative of the antibiotic growth promoters;
VemoHerb® T - performance enhancer for poultry parents herds and breeding boars;
VemoHerb® BEES - innovative product that accelerates the development of bee colonies, increases their productivity and stimulates the laying activity of queen bees.
VemoHerb® BEES+ - innovative product, containing invertase, that accelerates the development of bee colonies, increases their productivity and stimulates the laying activity of queen bees.


In the field of herbal extracts, we have the pleasure to offer extracts from rare Bulgarian remedial plants like the following:

►Dry extract from Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris (60% furostanol saponins determined as protodioscin);
►Dry extract from Geranium sanguineum;
►Dry extract from Cichorium intybus;
►Dry extract from Cotinus coggygria;
►Dry extract from Urtica dioica (Nettle roots);
►Dry extract from Hypericum perforatum;
►Dry extract from Ginkgo biloba;
►Dry extract from Tanacetum vulgare L.


In the field of dietary supplements, we offer products based on our herbal extracts for the following applications:

►Supplements, designed for sports nutrition: bodybuilding, energy and vitality, strength, muscle growth, etc.;
►Supplements, designed for potency and libido for men and women;
►Supplements, designed for support of general health.

We are also proud to offer various enzymes for the food industry, like the following:

VemoZyme® FA - fungal alpha-amylase;
VemoZyme® X - xylanase;
VemoZyme® L - lipase;
VemoZyme® GO - glucose oxidase;
VemoZyme® MA- maltogenic amylase;
VemoZyme® PHL - phospholipase;
VemoZyme® PR - protease;
VemoZyme® W - cellulase;
VemoZyme® I - invertase;
VemoZyme® PAL - protease, amylase, lipase;

We also have the pleasure to offer alcohol enzymes, as follows:

VemoZyme® AG - glucoamylase;
VemoZyme® CA - cellulase;
VemoZyme® PA - protease;
VemoZyme® TA - bacterial amylase;
VemoZyme® FA - fungal amylase;
VemoZyme® UFS - invertase, glucoamylase, fungal amylase.


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