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Effect of application of VemoHerb T in broiler parents flocks

Since ancient times remedial plants and extracts are used in folk medicine. In the conditions of intensive stock breeding, times of complete ban of the application of antibiotic growth promoters, and demands of the market for animal products without drug residues, scientists drew their attention back to medicinal plants as a source of biologically active substances with certain physiological effects. They are a good prerequisite for the development of bio or organic stock breeding.

In order to be most effective, these herbal ingredients should be added to feed in more concentrated form than found in their natural sources, and plant extracts should be standardized.

For more than 20 years so far, the specialists of Vemo 99 Ltd, Sofia, Bulgaria, are focused at producing herbal extracts for the needs of people and animals.

The quality of herbal plants is being studied, with regards to the contents of biologically active substances according to their geographical location in the country. Also, the types and concentrations of these substances are studied in different parts of the plants (flower, leaf, stem, root). Based on the obtained results, the raw material for the extraction of the required useful substances, is selected. The analytical activity is done in an in-house laboratory, and if necessary, the services of other licensed labs in the country and abroad are used.

Advanced methods for extraction of biologically active substances from medicinal plants are developed and applied.

The effect of various herbal substances and the mechanism of their action is studied. Appropriate combinations are selected, depending on the purpose and the problem that must be solved, followed by biological experiments with different types and categories of animals, to determine the recommended dose, demonstrating the effectiveness and safety for animals and humans.

The manufacturing facilities are fitted with modern equipment and the technological process begins with control of the raw materials and ends with control of the finished product.

Vemo 99 Ltd is an НАССР; ISO 9001; FSSC-22000, Halal, Kosher, GMP and GMP+ certified company, which guarantees the production of quality products.

VemoHerb T is dry extract from appropriately selected and combined unique Bulgarian remedial plants. The product contains saponins, sterols, flavonoids, tannins, polyphenols and others. The product acts as a natural aphrodisiac, increases the libido, erectile function, the ejaculate volume, the number and motility of sperm, stimulates the production of testosterone and fertile sperm and eggs. The product is with a proven positive effect on male breeding animals - cocks, rabbits, boars, rams, bulls, etc. Especially relevant in poultry parents herds and layers.

Addition of VemoHerb T to the compound feed of poultry parents herds in doses of 250 g/t, leads to the following advantages:

-        Increased laying hens’ productivity

-        Increased number of fertilized eggs

-        Increased hatchability of the fertilized eggs

-        Significant economic value