The tests performed on bees show that the stimulative feeding of the bee colonies with inverted sugar syrup with the addition of VemoHerb® BEES+ at doses of 15 mg/kg bees has extremely good results on the laying activity of the queen bees as well as on the productivity, activity and stability of the hive as a whole.

The reported higher percentage of bees that survived through the winter in the colonies, nurtured by VemoHerb® BEES+, is an indicator of normal development and sustainability in their worst (winter) period of life. Also, the increased activity of laying queens tends to strengthen the beehives.

Studies show that stimulative feeding of bee colonies with VemoHerb® BEES+ leads to the development of stronger colonies that make best use of the available pollen.

The application of VemoHerb® BEES+ shows significantly more positive effect on the strength, activity, productivity and sustainability of colonies compared with other stimulators present on the market.

VemoHerb® BEES+ has invertase activity which makes it possible for every beekeeper to prepare an inverted sugar syrup on their own. It can be prepared very easily at home or in industrial conditions. For more information, please look at the application instructions.

Considering the better development of the colonies (greater amount of raised brood and available bees) and higher honey productivity, as well as the low cost of VemoHerb® BEES+, the efficiency of its use to increase the productivity of beehives and to stimulate the laying activity of queen bees is clearly shown. It is also essential to note the natural origin of the product. The main ingredients are biologically active plant extracts, thus differentiating it from alternative synthetic products on the market.

VemoHerb® BEES+ is an innovative product based on a homogeneous mixture of plant extracts and invertase enzymes. The general physiological action of the product is determined by the high content of biologically active substances: furostanol saponins, flavonoids (apigenin, rutin, kepferol), aromatic ketones, coumarins and polyphenols. 




1. Add 1.5 g (full measuring spoon) VemoHerb® BEES+ in 100 ml of cool water and stir well.

2. A) In home conditions

2. B) In industrial conditions

Add the 100 ml solution to 10 liters of 65% sugar syrup at room temperature (below 50⁰C/122⁰F). Leave the mixture for 72-120 hours (3-5 days) to obtain the inverted sugar syrup. Stir the product several times during that period.

Add the 100 ml solution to 10 liters of 65% sugar syrup at pH 4.5 and temperature 55ºC (131ºF). Leave the mixture for 12 hours to obtain the inverted sugar syrup. The reaction should be made in a tank with automatic stirring.

3. Apply 200 - 250 ml of the syrup mixture to each beehive every 3 days for 6-7 weeks. Stimulative feedings are performed in the Spring (March–April) when pollen and nectar levels are low. Additional applications in August–September are also beneficial. Apply only in temperatures above 12°C (54°F).

* One pack is enough for 1 stimulative feeding (7 weeks application) of 50 beehives. 


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