Application for Poultry Breeder Flocks

Poultry breeding farms rise their breeding lines selecting chickens with better growth/meat yield and feed-to-meat conversion ratio. For such selected birds (grandparents and great grandparents) the egg production, fertility traits and resistance to disease and metabolic conditions are critical.

A few indicators are crucial for the breeders’ flocks:
♦    to produce the optimal number of eggs;
♦    to extend their laying cycle;
♦    to produce fertile, high quality, hatchable eggs.

Great grandparents’ herds with positive and healthy traits (allowing for a better performance of their progeny) and with superior egg producing characteristics are extremely valuable stock. 

VemoHerb® T  is a herbal-based feed additive used as a performance enhancer for poultry parent herds. It increases the number of fertilized eggs and the hatchability of the eggs, extends the active laying life of the female birds and improves the reproductive capabilities of the male lines.

Addition of VemoHerb® T to the compound feeds of poultry breeder flocks in doses 10 mg/kg live weight, leads to the following advantages:
♦   Increased ejaculation volume of the cocks by 9.3% and the sperm motility by 8.9%
♦   Increased laying hens productivity by more than 3%;
♦   The product influences positively the libido of male birds. When applying artificial insemination, the cocks which have positively reacted to a massage are 21% more, compared to those which have not been given VemoHerb® T;
♦   With birds ageing, the count of the unfertilized eggs in the parents herds is increasing. By addition of VemoHerb® T, this process can be significantly slowed down;
♦   The hatchability of the fertilized eggs is improved by 6% at the birds which have been given VemoHerb® T with the feed;
♦   The serum cholesterol level of the birds treated with VemoHerb® T is lower by 3–11% compared to the non-treated ones, and the testosterone level is increased by 29%;
♦   The addition of VemoHerb® T improves the egg weight on average by 5%;
♦   More than 3% laying increment, as well as over 6% higher hatchability of the fertilized eggs, lead to average return on investment ratio of 1:15 by applying VemoHerb® T for 8 weeks. In addition to the above, the economic effect does not take in account the fact that the  productive period of the parent herd is considerably prolonged, which adds additional benefit to the final result.



5-10 mg/kg live weight: 130-260 g per ton feed or 75-100 g per 1000 l drinking water
To increase the number of fertilized eggs and the hatchability of the eggs, apply to males after the 18th week of age, for a period of 2-3 months. To extend the active laying life of female birds and improve their reproductive capabilities, apply after the 40-44th week of age, for a period of 2-3 months.


Application for Breeding Boars

The breeding boar has an enormous influence within a pig farm and plays extremely important role, because on its performance depends the productivity and profitability of the farm. A breeding boar is much more expensive than feeder boar and careful consideration should be given to its selection, management and replacement. The fine condition of breeding boars is determined by their genetic potential and physical soundness. The herbal feed additive VemoHerb® T helps these valuable boars to remain active breeders for a longer period of time and enhances their performance.

Sperm insemination ability is an important indicator for the breed selection of boars.

VemoHerb®  T is a product that contributes to the health status of the semen of boars.

Addition of VemoHerb®  T to the compound feed of boars in doses of 5 mg/kg live weight, leads to the following advantages:
♦    increase in the ejaculate volume by an average of 12.8%;
♦    increase in sperm motility by an average of 7.7%;
♦    increase in the number of alive spermatozoa by 24.3%;
♦    increase in the insemination doses obtained from one ejaculate by 25%;
♦    increase in the number of spermatozoa in 1 ml with 9.8%, and in the entire ejaculate by 24.3%;
♦    full recovery from necrospermia* (see the recommended dose).

Spermatozoa motility is of significant importance to the ejaculate quality. It is scientifically proven that the increase in sperm motility in the diluted semen by only 1% leads to 0.14 more piglets born in the litter. Therefore, using VemoHerb® T (7.7% increased sperm motility) leads to 1.08 more born piglets per litter.

The data for the indicator "number of alive spermatozoa in the entire ejaculate" undoubtedly shows an increase after the adoption of VemoHerb® T for all ejaculates with an average of 24.3%. The results clearly provide evidence of the positive influence of the additive.

The effectiveness of VemoHerb® T application on boars is that the number of insemination doses is greater for the animals that received VemoHerb® T - on average 22 doses per boar, while for boars that did not receive VemoHerb® T this number is 17.6 doses (at the same number of alive spermatozoa per dose). This result points to a better economic efficiency, as measured by the received doses of semen from one ejaculate.

The economic effect, regarding the degree of influence of the product is based on the productive performance of sows inseminated with semen from boars with and without addition of VemoHerb® T to the feed. Semen quality affects fertility, depending on the quantity and quality of sperm in the insemination dose, as well as the number of the born pigs and their live weight.

The sows which were inseminated by boars supplemented with VemoHerb® T:
♦    Have higher fertility by 3.7% 
♦    The body weight of their offspring at birth, on average is higher by 3.9%



5 mg/kg live weight: 250-500 g per ton feed or 90-180 g per 1000 l drinking water.
To improve sperm motility, increase ejaculate volume, number of insemination doses, and number of piglets per litter, apply after the 12th month of age, for a period of minimum 30 days.

* VemoHerb® T is recommended and administered alone or accompanying supplement for recovery from necrospermia of valuable breeding boars, with recommended dose of 10 mg/kg live weight for a period of 2 months.

The feed additive VemoHerb® T can be used in animal breeding alone or in combination with other plant extracts, vitamins, proteins, minerals, etc. in compound feed. It possesses sexual stimulating properties and is an energy enhancer improving the overall physiologic condition.


Experimental Data

VemoHerb® T application in cocks and laying hens

VemoHerb® T application in boars and sows

The conducted experiments on animals with VemoHerb® T show stimulated spermatogenesis in rams, boars and cocks. The feed additive VemoHerb® T can be used in animal breeding alone or in combination with other plant extracts, vitamins, proteins, minerals, etc. in compound feed. It possesses sexual stimulating properties and is an energy enhancer, improving the overall physiological condition of the animals.

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